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Property Development Projects

A neighborhood of several modern homes.

Since beginning in Sydney's fastest-growing suburb, Merrylin Development has delivered hundreds of new homes across Australia.

We are experts in land and home developments that suit each customer's individual budget and lifestyle. Our vibrant developments feature a wide range of lot sizes and building options, all at an affordable price.

Ground-level view looking up at a multi-storey mixed-use building.

We are also premier developers of quality mixed commercial and residential buildings throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves on proactive project management and attention to detail to realise the full potential of each building through careful refurbishment or redevelopment.

Overhead view of a community with several houses and green spaces.

Our specialty is building master-planned communities with a lively combination of housing, leisure, and job opportunities.

We focus on environmental preservation in planning and implementing these holistic property developments. Our vision is to create welcoming communities that reflect a sustainable balance between civilisation and mother nature.

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